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Plastisol Dispensing Pot Application Study

Plastisols And The Hand Poured Fishing Lure Industry

The hand poured fishing lure industry has been revolutionized by anglers, hobbyists, and small manufacturers who experiment with shapes, sizes, scents, colors, and designs that can be tested and customized to perform well in under local conditions.

Heating Plastisols Poses Problems

Artificial worms are manufactured with plastisols, which by their nature are temperature sensitive. Manufacturers experience difficulties when they mix plastisol, salt, and other secret ingredients. The mix needs to be heated and maintained at a specific temperature to keep the material from burning or discoloring.

Many manufacturers use plastisol dispensing pots similar to a crock pot that might be used to cook and serve dinner. On the surface they seem adequate. They melt the mix of plastisol, salt, and other ingredients, but some dispensing pots fail to reach and maintain a constant temperature on all interior surfaces. As a result, there are significant temperature fluctuations between the non-commercial grade dispensing pots, as well as between the top and bottom of individual dispensing pots forcing manufacturers to discard batches that are burned or discolored during the heating process.

Sta-Warm Plastisol Dispensing Pots Provide The Solution

Sta-Warm’s plastisol dispensing pots are manufactured with a low watt density heating element that provides close temperature control. Sta-Warm plastisol dispensing pots allow the manufacturer or hobbyist to mix the plastisol and other ingredients together and then the material is held at a constant, uniform temperature for up to 8 hours during the molding process. Sta-Warm plastisol dispensing pots not only eliminate waste during manufacture, but the quality of the finished product is unparalleled. The ability to hold proper temperature ensures that the colors stay true from the first pour to the last, and the many different ingredients added to the mix are safely preserved. Waste is minimized, production costs are lowered, and productivity goes up.

Plastisol Dispensing pot Capacities

Sta-Warm can manufacture a plastisol dispensing pot that fits your application, offering pots in 2, 4, and 10 quart capacities. If you application requires the heating and mixing of larger batches of plastisols, we also offer a complete line of industrial grade tanks, complete with agitation, and precise temperature controls.

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