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Heated Glue and Adhesive Tank Application Study

Problems Associated with Application of Heated Glue and Adhesives

Many assemblies require the application of glue or adhesives during the manufacturing process. Some non-epoxy type glues and adhesives need to be heated prior to application, and when these materials are subjected to excessive heat, production problems result.

The primary cause of overheated glue and adhesives is hot spots in melting equipment. Burnt or stuck on adhesives also reduce the ability of glue melting machinery to maintain constant production levels. Once the glue or adhesive begins to stick, the tank heaters run at higher temperatures to keep the remaining batch at temperature. Higher tank operating temperatures result in more burning and sticking, and eventually the heating tank needs a shut down for cleaning to restore proper operation. In addition to lost production time, improper heating methods also result in significant material losses of glue and adhesive.

Heating Tanks from Sta-Warm Electric Supply Uniform Heat

Sta-Warm Electric manufactures and applies a heating element to the surface of the equipment that needs to be heated. An average heated tank is 80% covered with heating element. This element is applied uniformly over the heating surface of the equipment, providing a uniform, gentle heat that does not scorch or burn glue and other adhesive materials. Sta-Warm electrically heated tanks can operate in temperature settings from 100-550F. Because Sta-Warm equipment holds batches of material at temperatures that fluctuate no more than several degrees, glue and adhesives can remain in a processing tank for extended periods of time without causing material degradation.

Heated Pipe and Heated Valves Convey Glue and Adhesive With Ease

The Sta-Warm Method, or the process of introducing an electric heating element to the surface of a tank, pot, or kettle is ideal for maintaining glue and adhesive at constant, uniform temperatures. But this same process converts anything that glue comes into contact with into a heater. Sta-Warm also offers heated valves and heated pipe to keep glue, adhesive and other temperature sensitive material from freezing up when being transferred from a holding tank to the final application area.

Agitated Heated Tanks for Adhesive and Glue

Agitation also prevents glue and adhesive overheating and burning. Most Sta-Warm heated tanks are equipped with full sweep agitation. This type of agitation moves glue and adhesives around from all sides and the bottom of the unit. This perpetual motion keeps material moving and allows the batch of glue or adhesive to maintain a uniform temperature while processing. The agitators used in Sta-Warm heated tanks offer a combination of slow speed and high power to mix even the thickest materials.

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If your current glue or adhesive dispensing system is wasting material and causing costly shut downs and lost production time, or if you are currently exploring heated tanks for glue and adhesive applications for the first time, contact us today to see how Sta-Warm can help you.

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