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Plastisol Dispensing Pots

Plastisol dispensing pots are designed for fast, easy and efficient dispensing of many heated materials.
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Heating Element

The famous Sta-Warm “Even Heat” multiple circuit, blanket type element is uniformly applied to the entire bottom area and up the sidewalls to approximately 75% of the wall height. Heat is uniformly distributed at a low watt density (approximately 5 watts per square inch maximum) and burning and carbonization are reduced to a minimum.


Pots are made with a cast aluminum inner pot and heavy steel housing. Loose covers are standard equipment. Glass blanket is used as thermal insulation to reduce heat loss. Standard valve sizes are 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” in both the E and EX type seats. Other sizes are available on special order. An adjusting screw, with lock nut, limits the travel of the needle and aids in controlling the flow. Style and size should be specified.

All sizes are readily adjustable to suitable height above the work by means of set screws located in the heavy boss which slides up and down the pipe column support.


Standard temperature range is 150 - 550 F. Adjustable thermostat.


Needle and seat valve for smooth precise dispensing.


Plastisol dispensing pots from Sta-Warm are available in single-phase voltages of 120, 208, or 240 V., 50 or 60 cycle. Tanks are available in single or three-phase voltages of 120, 208, 240, 480, 50 or 60 cycle. Other voltages or frequencies to order.


Model Capacity (Quarts) Watts
2CN 2 600
4CN 4 880
10CN 10 1540

More Information

PD-10 Plastisol Pots Data Sheet

Plastisol Dispensing Pots

Featured Application Study

The hand poured fishing lure industry has been revolutionized by anglers, hobbyists, and small manufacturers who experiment with shapes, sizes, scents, colors, and designs that can be tested and customized to perform well in under local conditions. Sta-Warm plastisol dispensing pots allow the manufacturer or hobbyist to mix the plastisol and other ingredients together and then the material is held at a constant, uniform temperature for up to 8 hours during the molding process. Sta-Warm plastisol dispensing pots not only eliminate waste during manufacture, but the quality of the finished product is unparalleled.

Plastisols And The Hand Poured Fishing Lure Industry

Heated Pots

Like all Sta-Warm equipment, these bench pots have the exclusive Sta-Warm multiple circuit elements uniformly applied to the bottom and sidewalls to provide “even-heat”. The low watt densities used result in long life and trouble-free performance.

The three smaller units have highest quality adjustable bi-metal thermostats with a temperature range of 200°-550°F. The 20 quart pot is equipped with a bulb and capillary thermostat having a range of 200°-550°F. Special thermostats are available for use with sulphur, paraffin and other low melting waxes in the 100°-300°F. range, with other special temperature range controls available. Specify temperature when special.

Sta-Warm heated pot

We Can Melt it All

Uniform Heating and Stable Temperatures, Even in Transit

Sta-Warm heated equipment works well with wax, plastics, oils, eutectic salts, tar, potting compounds, soaps, resin, glue, paraffin, potting compounds, low melt alloys, soy wax, beeswax, gels and deionized water.

Our heated valves, pipe, and flexible hose conveys molten materials without loss of heat or temperature.

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Celebrating Over 100 Years of Quality

Sta-Warm has been in the business of designing and building electrically heated industrial equipment and accessories since 1921.

Our products are proudly made in the USA and built to stand the test of time. When you buy from Sta-Warm, you know you are getting the highest quality industrial heating equipment on the market.

100 Years of Quality

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