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Heated Hoses

Flexible heated hoses are designed for use with our electrically heated melting tanks, permitting the melted compound to be delivered at usable temperature a few feet away from the tank.
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In those applications where the work cannot be brought directly under the melting tank outlet, a length of flexible electrically heated hose (with or without further extension by use of Sta-Warm Rigid Pipe) permits the melted compound to be delivered at usable temperature a few feet away from the tank.

Sta-Warm Hoses are Teflon Lined with stainless steel overbrad for the base.

Materials Conveyed

Almost any heated compound which will flow can be carried through Sta-Warm hoses. Either gravity flow or pump driven systems may be employed to aid the flow.

Commonly carried materials include hot oils, potting compounds, waxes and paraffins, asphalts and similar compounds.


Valves, nozzles or spray gun may be affixed to the end of the hose. Outlets are often furnished by the customer since certain special types and sizes are usually preferred.

Sta-Warm can supply full-way petcock or bibb faucet for flowing applications.

Teflon Lined Heated Hoses

The Teflon lined hose has an outer stainless steel braid enclosed in protective sleeve. Leads from hose attached to power supply with separate power and thermocouple connections.

Voltage and Control

The power supply for hose consists of a digital thermostat for close temperature control and is available in 120 volt single phase operation.

Temperature regulation is obtained by a thermocouple mounted directly to the hose. Each hose, with its power supply, is individually calibrated to assure the user of accurate temperature control within the hose.


Model Hose ID JIC Female
TH8 1/2″ #8
TH12 3/4″ #12
TH16 1″ #16

More Information

Data Sheet For Heated Hose
Heated Hose Drawing

We Can Melt it All

Uniform Heating and Stable Temperatures, Even in Transit

Sta-Warm heated equipment works well with wax, plastics, oils, eutectic salts, tar, potting compounds, soaps, resin, glue, paraffin, potting compounds, low melt alloys, soy wax, beeswax, gels and deionized water.

Our heated valves, pipe, and flexible hose conveys molten materials without loss of heat or temperature.

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Sta-Warm has been in the business of designing and building electrically heated industrial equipment and accessories since 1921.

Our products are proudly made in the USA and built to stand the test of time. When you buy from Sta-Warm, you know you are getting the highest quality industrial heating equipment on the market.

100 Years of Quality

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