Heated Pots

Like all Sta-Warm equipment, these bench pots have the exclusive Sta-Warm multiple circuit elements uniformly applied to the bottom and sidewalls to provide “even-heat”. The low watt densities used result in long life and trouble-free performance.

The four smaller units have highest quality adjustable bi-metal thermostats with a temperature range of 150°-550°F. The 20 quart pot is equipped with a bulb and capillary thermostat having a range of 200°-550°F. Special thermostats are available for use with sulphur, paraffin and other low melting waxes in the 100°-300°F. range, with other special temperature range controls available. Specify temperature when special.

For more information about our Heated Pots click on the PDF links below:

49WV Pot

Bench Pots Data Sheet

Dimensions for Bench Pots