Glue Melting Equipment


Six standard sizes of large all-purpose melting tanks are available for preparation and storage of animal or flexible glue, paste, gums, plastic adhesives, etc. These tanks are often used for replenishing a battery of small-bench pots.


Inner tanks and covers are fabricated of stainless steel. The housings are electrically welded mild steel. Glass blanket or expanded mica is used as thermal insulation to reduce heat loss. Contactors, control transformers, etc., where required, are mounted in gasketed enclosures. All covers supplied with tile hand agitated units are one piece while the motor agitated units are furnished with split-type covers . . . all with lift handles.

Heating Element

The famous Sta-Warm “Even Heat” multiple-circuit blank-type element is uniformly applied to the entire bottom area of each unit and up the sidewalls to approximately 75% of thc wall height. Thus heat is uniformly distributed at extremely low watt density (approx. 3 watts per sq. in.) thereby eliminating the danger of “hot spots” and still avoiding the nuisance and expense of water, oil or other heat transfer mediums.

For more information on our Glue Melters click on the PDF files below:

Data Sheet For Glue Melters

Glue Melter W-Hand Agitation Drawing

Glue Melters W-Agitation Drawing