Heated Valves


Heated ValvesHeated Valves from Sta-Warm control and dispense melted material without clogging or “freezing”. Heated valves and pipe make the perfect addition to a Sta-Warm Heated tank.


Reliable, thermostatic control, fixed or adjustable
Cord and plug or loose leads
Brass, iron or stainless gate types
Dispensers have removable seats
Quick-open type for remote control
Various sizes and other styles to suit
Blanket type, multiple circuit element
Single Phase, 120 or 240 volt to suit

For more information on our Heated Valves click on the PDF links below:

Date Sheet For Valves

Heated Gate Valve Drawing

Needle Type Dispensing Valve Drawing

Needle Type Dispensing Valve-W Air Operator Drawing

Product Bulletin 6 Air operated Needle Valve

Quick Opening Gate Valve W-Air Operator Drawing

Quick Opening Gate Valves Drawing