Portable Droppers

Alloy Droppers

Cerro DropperSta-Warm portable alloy droppers are used for applying small amounts of alloy directly to the work, through the thumb-controlled needle valve. Available in 1 pint size with inner cup of mild or stainless steel. Special low wattage and variable temperature controller are furnished for temperatures ranging from 100-300°F. Voltage 120 volt AC 60 or 50 cycle.


Portable, light when filled
Fast, efficient dispensing
Thumb controlled needle valve
Stand for holding when not in use
“Even Heat” distribution
Single heat or multiple step rheostat
Single phase, 120 or 240 volt
Special construction if required
Complete with cord and plug

C2X Information Sheet

Cerro Dropper Drawing

Data Sheet for Portable Droppers

Dropper Replacement Parts Drawing