Heated Rectangular Tanks

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One reason why Sta-Warm rectangular compound melting tanks are adaptable to countless industrial melting and dipping applications is that each tank is custom built to basic size and shape requirements established by the user. Sta-Warm basic construction and heating application is sufficiently flexible to accommodate itself to extra-ordinary shapes and sizes as required. For instance, a 1,250 gal. tank of “T” shape with sloping bottom has been built and is being used successfully for dipping the liners of household refrigerators. Long, lean proportions or short, square, deep shapes can be made to suit the general design of particular parts to be dipped. Temperature ranges to suit heat requirements of various compounds can be engineered as required, as can various types of outlets, valves, dipping baskets, plungers for displacing materials, lids, partitions, etc.

Sta-Warm rectangular tanks may be used as compound melters or as dipping tanks. Probably the most common uses include cleaning, degreasing, or dip coating of machined parts and tools with wax, ethyl-cellulose compound or other rust preventing material.

Rectangular Tank Spec Sheet

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Rectangular Tanks